Welcome to the Hippocratic Institute

Welcome to the Hippocratic Institute. We are dedicated to affordable, high quality naturopathic, nutritional, and herbal medicine education. Our courses are fully accredited and lead to full professional memberships with indemnity insurance.

We want to sustainably train real-life practitioners, because your success is vital to our own. Our tutors are all practicing naturopaths, nutritionists or medical herbalists, so we understand the challenges of learning a new profession whilst needing to make a living. Our curriculum is tiered to allow you to develop your knowledge and clinical skills, whilst being able to take on clients as your scope of practice widens. The courses are accessible in a number of ways, and have pay-as-you-go and modular options.

The course is delivered mostly in an online format, so you can train with us whilst fulfilling your other life commitments.  We leverage our online educational platform fully to provide an engaging program of webinars, guest speakers, monthly tutorials and friendly 1:1 support. Each course has a deliberate focus on case studies and practical work, and there is a professional development attendance weekend at the end of the course.

The Hippocratic Institute believes very strongly that there is a role for trusted and competent natural medicine practitioners in the 21st century, who are heart-led and community-focussed.  Come and join us!

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