New Year Progress Update

Happy New Year from the Hippocratic Institute. I trust you are muggling along through the mizzle of midwinter. Same. Much has been happening behind the scenes here, and we are glad to report the college is developing on schedule and without any hitch. Our main accreditations have been awarded, the website & virtual learning platform are up and running, and we already have some early students enjoying the Naturopathic Nutrition course materials. They are providing very favourable & encouraging feedback.

On Sunday 30th Jan between 2:30-3:00pm, Andy Patterson will be giving a brief webinar at the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) online Wellness Festival. The session will include an overview of the college, courses, curriculum, extension activities, career development opportunities and any other questions you may have. The Zoom link for the event is here, and you can sign up with IPHM to receive news of other live events here.

At the present time, if you already have a Medical Sciences or biomedicine qualification which includes anatomy, physiology, pathology, and differential diagnosis, you are welcome to join the Naturopathic Nutrition diploma. This also applies to Nutritional Therapists looking for additional training in naturopathic techniques and functional medicine. You can find the pricing here and if you have any enquiries contact Zoe at

Hot on the heels of this opening, the Medical Sciences (foundation degree level) pre-requisite course will begin at some point in March 2022, and from that point on students will be able to sign up for the Medical Sciences + Naturopathic Nutrition diploma (N.D) as one bundle. Both courses can be studied concurrently and together are designed to take you from untrained to fully professional status. The Master Herbalist diploma is likely to open around Easter time, and entrants to that course will be graduates, existing practitioners, and eventually our own N.D students.

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