Living College Prospectus

The IPHM Wellness festival this weekend was a great success for the college, with plenty of interest generated. We owe Siobhan O’Connor, social media manager at the IPHM a big thank you for organising the festival, and for her wonderful support on the day of the seminar. I understand the seminars given over the weekend will be available on the IPHM Facebook page here:

As an alternative I have recorded a separate video using the same PowerPoint material which you can access above, so now you have a choice of the live event (for pop pickers) or homespun (for folkies). The video answers most questions about the college and its curriculum. Its pace is more like an unhurried open evening than a shouty elevator pitch. This video can also be used like a living college prospectus. I have given the timestamps below of the slides which match the contents page. Hopefully that will allow you to get around the presentation if you are in a hurry or have a specific question.

  • 00:00 Preamble & Contents
  • 02:09 College Aims
  • 05:45 Courses-at-a-glance
  • 08:32 Progression, Exemptions & Pre-requisites
  • 10:07 Concomitant study
  • 13:15 Total Qualification Time
  • 15:16 Timescales
  • 18:56 Delivery
  • 20:04 Course structure: Medical Sciences
  • 23:19 Course structure: Naturopathic Nutrition
  • 25:50 Course structure: Master Herbalist Diploma
  • 27:42 Tutorials
  • 29:33 Assessment
  • 30:38 Clinical Examination Masterclass
  • 33:32 Professional Development Weekends
  • 34:48 Case Studies & Practicum
  • 38:51 Student IPHM & CMA Membership
  • 39:36 URHP Membership Application
  • 41:42 Herbalists Without Borders
  • 43:45 Contributing Lecturers
  • 44:49 Spring Cleanse
  • 46:32 Fieldtrips
  • 47:29 Required Books
  • 48:45 Recommended Reading
  • 50:40 Pricing & Bundles
  • 53:11 Thanks for Watching & Contact Information

I have also included a copy of these webinar notes (aka Living Prospectus) if you click on this link. Remember the Learning Programs for each course are available on the Curriculum page.

If you have any other questions, by all means send our college registrar Zoe an email at and she will be happy to help.


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