The Hippocratic Institute is designed to meet the needs of aspiring natural health therapists who would otherwise struggle to access degree-level training. We have skilfully leveraged our online learning environment to meet your real-world training needs. The courses are mostly delivered online, with ample, regular support coming from webinar lectures, 1:1 and group tutorials. Each course does also have an attendance requirement, but we have aimed to keep that to a manageable and appropriate amount. By acutely focussing contact-time, we have made the course cost-effective, and provided a pay-monthly option to make it as accessible as possible to people with families, jobs, caring duties, etc.

The courses require a minimum of 6-10 hours per week, and you can flex the curriculum to wrap around your other life commitments. The assessment methods are directly relevant to the aim of becoming a practitioner, so includes multiple choice end of unit tests, practical assignments, tutorial discussions and case studies. No time-wasting essays or stressful 3-hour exams. It is far more important that you know where to locate, and how to use the wealth of information available in our field, rather than learn by wrote and promptly forget it all.

The tutors are highly qualified natural health practitioners and educationalists with experience of supporting students to enter practice. The focus is very much on helping you achieve a lifestyle/business/practice model with which you feel confident, rather than providing you with a certificate and waving you off into the distance. We genuinely want you to succeed and become a graduate member of our Institute.

Come and join us!

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Homeobotanical Therapy

As suggested by the name, HbT lies in the middle ground between the standard herbal range of dosing, and homeopathic remedies. Although HbT embraces both modalities, it is different enough from each to be a unique therapy.

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How do we know Hippocrates was a holistic physician? A quick look at Hippocrates’ holistic credentials.


Quoting Dr. M.L Tyler on the remedy Caulophyllum and the pitfalls of medical chauvinism.

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