Course OptionSingle Payment £Monthly option £Single payment $Monthly option $
Medical Sciences cert1500£143.75 x 12 =£1725 total  2011.41$192.76 x 12 =$2313.12 total
Medical Sciences + N.D Bundle4250£271.53 x 18 =£4888 total 5699.00$364.14 x 18
N.D Fast-track for qualified Nutritional Therapists only1500£143.75 x 12 =£1725 total  2011.41$192.76 x 12 =$2313.12 total
N.D Diploma3000£191.67 x 18 =£3450 total  4022.82$257.01x 18 =$4626.24 total
Master Herbalist Diploma3500£223.61 x 18 =£4025 total  4693.29$299.85 x 18 =$5397.28 total
Medical Sciences, N.D + M.H Bundle7500£479.17 x 18 =£8625 total 10057.05$642.54 x 18
=$11565.66 total

Prices in dollars are shown because the payment handling system of our learning platform only deals in that currency. You will, however, see prices in pounds sterling when you check out with Stripe. The prices in $ will vary slightly according to the exchange rate, and will be updated at regular periods to reflect this.

Monthly options are available for each course at +15% of the single payment amount.

Since a main aim of The Hippocratic Institute is to offer the most affordable and accessible training possible, the pricing reflects the lowest and fairest value we can offer. As a result, we do not offer gimmicks, coupons or time-limited deals; just a fair price.